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Dear All,

Last month I wrote that on Saturday, 24 June the Free Church is opening its doors to an exhibition at which the Civic Society, together with all the other users of the Free Church, have been invited to exhibit. I'm pleased to report there has been a very good response from the users of the Free Church. Please make a note and come along to see the wide variety of activities and interests that are encompassed by the societies and organisations that meet in the Free Church. The Free Church, and organisations interested in nature, volunteering, support, special interest groups and education will all be represented.

We will be there and plan to show a small selection of the work we have recently been involved in, as we work to fulfil our Legacy Statement: That future generations will be able to recognise the historic character and heritage of our town, despite the inevitable changes that happen down the years.

The exhibition will open at 10am and run until 4pm.

More information is available from the Facebook link at  https://goo.gl/c4xiXZ and also on the Church Web page http://www.stivesfreechurch.org

Kind regards

David Stewart,
Chairman, Civic Society St. Ives