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Dear all,

NHSThe very considerable changes we are being asked to make has caused the cancellation of both our April and May open meetings. The next date in our calendar is now the first meeting of the new season in September. However, I’m pleased to say that the three cancelled speakers have all offered to return next season.

Please follow the health guidelines and keep yourselves safe


Guided BuswayI don’t expect many of you are using the guided buses at the moment. I mentioned at our February meeting that once the busway closure between Histon and Orchard Park was reopened, it was likely the A and B routes in central Cambridge would swap. This is to allow the new longer, three axle buses an easier route. Stagecoach did announce new timetables making the changes, these are now superseded. In their place Stagecoach have  announced a much reduced service frequency will apply from Sunday 28th March. The B route will follow the previous A route in Cambridge and vice versa‚Äč.


One of our members, Philip SImpson, has sent the following to me. Philip prepared the questions for the quiz evenings we held a few years ago. He lives in France. I thought his observations may point to the changes we can expect here in the next few weeks.



Hello people,

I don't want to seem to be a prophet of doom, but consider the following.

If the crisis in UK accelerates like Italy, then Boris will have no choice but to impose house isolation for all - except driving to and from work, or shopping for food and medicines.
Such is the case here in France. Fifteen days for starters.

What's it like?

Those venturing out may require a travel permit form for each trip. In France, this has been e-mailed to all so it can be photocopied and passed to neighbours etc who don't have printers etc. So make sure you have enough ink and paper. You may not be able to buy any.

Do you need urgent work done on your car? Get it done now. The repair shops will be closed. At least you can still buy petrol and diesel.

Do you plan to post a parcel to someone? The post may only handle letter mail.

While you're isolated you will have time to get busy on the garden. But you won't be able to buy seeds, plants, fertilizer etc. The garden centres will be closed.

So let's get on with decorating the house or tackling DIY jobs. Make sure you have the materials to do so beforehand. The DIY stores will be closed.

If you require specialist plumbing or electrical work done etc etc etc , get it done now!

You require dental treatment? No chance! Stock up on Ibrufen or pain-killers.

Make sure the children are occupied. The devil makes work ..... and all that!

The dog will still need exercising. And don't forget the birds.

I submit this advice to all with the hope that such a lockdown won't happen. It's grim!



PS. And while you're out and about, have kind thoughts for the checkout staff and shelf-stackers in the supemarkets, the chemists, the postmen, the delivery men, the Police and possibly, the Army. AND of course, the NHS angels of mercy.

They are all risking their lives for you


 Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events over the coming year.

Kind regards
David Stewart
Chair: St Ives Civic Society