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Special Newsletter Time Sensitive Information

Dear All,

AGMAt the end of the week we will be holding our first AGM in two years. Please make a note to attend at 7.30pm on Friday 15th October 2021, as usual it will be in the Free Church, St Ives.

After the AGM the illustrated talk will be Best Laid Plans - a look at some changes to, and outcomes of, infrastructure planning.





I am pleased to write that we have received a total of ten nominations for next year’s committee. However, I regret that our Secretary, Peter Whatnell’s resignation will take effect after the conclusion of the AGM. One member new to the committee has also been nominated. You may recall that two years ago Peter gave us a year’s notice (just another effect of Covid). In that time we have been unsuccessful in our search for a replacement secretary. Consequently we are now seeking a Minute Taker. If you feel you can give us a little time, to attend our committee meetings and then prepare and issue the minutes, please contact me. A minute taker is not a member of the Committee 


COVID19 measures

We request that you:

  • Wear a mask on arrival, until you are sitting down, and as you leave.
  • Use the hand sanitiser on arrival
  • Please move away from the entrance area, so that others can reach the member’s desk
  • Please do not move the seating. The seats will have been set out to provide some space around each couple.

The Free Church have installed a large permanent vent in a window near the Apse. The stairway door will be open to allow fresh air in. Also they have installed two air purifiers. However, there are no opening windows in the Centrum. On the other hand the room is high and the front door will also be open.

Whilst we do, of course, hope you will join us, please remember the advice is that if you feel unwell, especially if you have a temperature or a cough, please stay at home. 

One Bank to open (in a new guise) and another to close.

NATWESTRecently I was in town and was pleased to see the old Nat West Bank’s conversion to a restaurant is nearing completion.

The new name is now installed Di Rita’s No 2. Their website states they will open later this month and are taking bookings soon.




BARCLAYSI have also received news that Barclays in St Ives will close in January. In fact the date of closure is given as 14 January 2022. Not only is this a loss to all those that bank with Barclays in St Ives, it is a loss to the town. As well as leaving an empty building I presume they will also close their ‘hole in the wall’. That will add extra pressure to the remaining cash machines in the town. I recall there were problems with machines being empty after the Nat West closed.

The Bank has published an explanation of how, over time, the branch is being used less. This gives us all an important message, if we value our own Bank in the town being open then we must use it.

I look foward to seeing you at our AGM on Friday.

Kind regards

David Stewart
Chair: Civic Society of St Ives